Project Reform

Project Reform is comprised of a compelling lead-in events and discussion series.
Together, these two paths will converge to create the case for change to be showcased, challenged
and refined at the Virtual Summit.

Building a Case for Change

Simple. Efficient. Fair. A better tax system will work for practitioners, taxpayers and across all levels of government.
It will promote growth, create opportunity and allow our community to prosper.

The goal of The Tax Summit: Project Reform, is to produce a white paper and form the blueprint of a new tax system.

With input from the sharpest minds in tax, it aims to address issues across the spectrum of our system. From the design and administration of taxes, to what a good tax system for everyone really means.

The Vision for Project Reform

Our vision for tax reform is expansive, holistic, practical and, importantly, driven by the tax professionals who work with the system every day. State and federal, indirect and direct, individual and corporate – meaningful reform encompasses all aspects of the tax and transfer systems.

The Tax Summit: Project Reform brings together voices from across the profession; from academics to sole traders, accountants, lawyers and corporates. From the ground up we are working with the intent to unite our profession as one powerful voice. 

The Pillars of Reform

As we navigate the associated issues and options for reform we will organise our case for change under four main pillars.

This approach ensures all those involved remain firmly focused on holistic and genuine reform to achieve fundamental and
macro design objectives.

Avoiding tax topics at a micro level reduces the likelihood of tweaking or tinkering with individual provisions, rather than considering how the entire tax system should be designed.

Retirement and Wealth

Under the broad topics of Superannuation and Private Wealth, the discussion will encompass include the Superannuation Guarantee regime, contributions, earnings and benefits, death taxes, main residence exemption, investments and estate planning.

Business Taxation

Business Taxation can be separated into Domestic and International, and within those categories, will explore the unique reform issues affecting large business, SME and family business, including employment taxes, digital taxes, thin cap and transfer pricing. 

Personal Tax & Transfer

A fundamental pillar in the discussion on Tax Reform, some of the many areas of focus include; individual tax rates, work-related expenses, residency, tax offsets, transfer/welfare, social security, personal exertion income. 

Indirect Taxation

Delving into GST, State and other indirect taxes, discussion will cover (food, education, health, financial services), property, international aspects, administration, transfer duties property taxes, insurance duties, PRRT and other duties and excises.

Building a Case for Change

Event Series

A combination of keynotes and focus sessions with highly respected thought leaders discussing current tax reform issues and insights on what could be considered for the future.


Through a range of forums, virtual communities and engagementwith existing stakeholder groups, we want to ensure that all corners of the profession are represented.

Virtual Summit

The Summit will be the culmination of the event and discussion series and will present the options and priorities for reform. Held across two-half days of keynotes and concurrent sessions.

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Tax Professionals.

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