Todd Want, CTA

Todd Want, CTA

William Buck

Todd is a Director in the Tax Services division at William Buck in Sydney, where he specialises in small-to-medium enterprise tax matters. Todd advises his clients on a broad range of tax issues, while he also provides specialist consulting services to accountants, lawyers, financial planners and other professionals in public practice to assist them in advising their clients. Todd is also a regular presenter for The Tax Institute at various conferences and events.

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2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Session 23.1: Family Trust Elections and the Family Court

SME STream

Most practitioners understand that, subject to certain limited exceptions, a Family Trust Election (FTE) cannot be modified or revoked, but often overlook the impact of divorce and the power of the Family Court to modify FTEs.

This session will explore the issues to consider in this misunderstood area:

  • Impact of divorce on FTEs and test individuals
  • Family Court changes to the test individual in the event of marriage breakdown
  • Steps to implement a change to an FTE
  • Marriage consent orders and
  • Importance of collaboration between financial advisers and lawyers in family law matters.