Stuart Landsberg

Stuart Landsberg


Stuart is an Australian international tax partner currently on assignment to the United States leading PwC's Australian tax desk based in New York. In his role, he advises on cross-border investment into and out of Australia assisting both US headquartered corporates and funds investing into the Australian market, as well as working with Australian taxpayers expanding into the United States. Stuart advises clients across a range of issues in relation to holding, financing and acquisition structures, and in recent years has been assisting taxpayers responding to the rapid pace of international tax reform in both Australia and the United States.

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4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Session 25.4: US and UK tax update session for Australian corporates

International Stream

Despite our geographic location, a majority of Australian corporates remain heavily influenced by the US and UK tax agendas, including Australian parented multinational groups, inbound subsidiaries of foreign multinationals or simply Australians with key trading activity with those historic partners. Light on jargon and heavy on insights, our experts from the US and UK will be presenting the latest updates that are relevant to Australian corporates operating in this sphere.