Shadé Zahrai

Shadé Zahrai

Award-winning leadership strategist

Shadé is an award-winning leadership strategist and one of Australia’s leading self mastery and peak performance educators. After a successful career in corporate, Shadé now runs a global leadership development, consulting and research firm with her husband, partnering with Fortune500s around the globe to boost engagement, elevate leadership and to empower professionals to thrive. To detail some of her achievements, of which there are many, she is a best-selling author, was named Adweek’s Career Content Creator of the Year, is a two-time Telstra Business Women Awards Finalist, a Harvard-trained coach, former member of the esteemed Forbes Coaches Council, host of CommBanks Leading Women Podcast and a 3x Australian latin dance champion. Shadé has featured on TED and TEDx and has 1.4 million followers on social media.

All Sessions by Shadé Zahrai

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Session 22: Flourishing minds: Strategies to improve mental health, manage energy and prioritise wellbeing OR lunch


We've all felt it before. Tired, stretched too thin, struggling to switch off our brains, a little concerned about the future and not being able to predict what might happen. The lives we lead can be relentlessly stressful, constantly draining our willpower. But there's also a silver lining: we have the tools, capabilities and science-based know-how to not only learn to overcome these challenges but to build our capacity to thrive in this brave new world.

Join Shadé as she helps you understand why you think and act the way you do, and then implement science-backed behaviour change to flourish. She will share must-know peak performance practices to supercharge your impact, without having to neglect your mental health.