Philippa Briglia

Philippa Briglia

Sladen Legal

Philippa is a senior associate in Sladen Legal’s business law team and works primarily in the areas of superannuation, succession planning, states taxes and trust law. She has extensive experience in advising on the superannuation regulatory framework, particularly in an SMSF context. She regularly provides advice on complex structures and arrangements involving SMSFs and SMEs. Philippa has been published in numerous industry publications, including the Tax Institute Journal.

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11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Session 28.5: Multiple Party Investment Structures – Part 2: Superannuation (SMSF) issues

Workshops Stream

This workshop will use case studies to explore some of the unique SMSF issues that may arise through investing via unit trusts including:

  • Application of the “non-arm's length income” rules in s 295-550 and TR 2006/7
  • In-house asset rules and related and unrelated unit trusts
  • Geared and ungeared unit trusts and involvement of the SMSF
  • Application of the super laws to commercial and trading activities of the unit trust and
  • Super fund to super fund exemptions to landholder duty and redemptions.