Lucy Goldwater, ATI

Lucy Goldwater, ATI

Pitcher Partners

Lucy is a Client Director at Pitcher Partners with experience in advising on the income tax aspects of a broad range of corporate, international and trust taxation matters for both multi-nationals and SMEs across various sectors. Lucy has a particular focus on property, M&A and tax consolidation.

All Sessions by Lucy Goldwater, ATI

10:30 am - 11:30 am

Session 20.1: Consolidation for smaller clients

SME Stream

In this session, the costs, benefits and key issues which arise when private companies face tax consolidation will be canvassed from a practical perspective, commencing with a brief overview of its history and design and why its DNA makes it difficult for private groups.  From there, the discussion will consider:

  • What will a private group need to do to enter tax consolidation and what will result?
  • Forget about it?- why your group cannot enter consolidation
  • No other option? Strategies to approach consolidation and how can you might minimise the pain (and avoid immediate and short-term tax costs).
  • Commercial and administrative advantages of being consolidated.
  • Looking to the future