Keir Cornish

Keir Cornish

Australian Taxation Office

Keir is A/g Assistant Commissioner of the Foreign Investment Program, which provides advice to Treasury on the tax issues arising from foreign investment proposals and administers foreign investment in residential property. Keir also manages Federal registers of foreign investment in agricultural land and water entitlements, and is the business lead for the new expanded register of foreign ownership of Australian assets. Keir joined the ATO in in 2018 and has worked on a range of projects including the Inbound Supply Chain PCG, and the APA program as Competent Authority. Prior to joining the ATO, Keir worked as a tax advisor specialising in transfer pricing.

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4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Session 25.2: ATO and FIRB – are they one and the same?

Corporate Stream

Over the past decade, we have seen the ATO's involvement in the FIRB process grow dramatically.  Since the overhaul of the FIRB process in December 2015, we could almost say that the ATO has cemented its seat at the FIRB table.  This session will explore the trends, issues and experiences (through ATO and practitioner eyes) of the long-lasting impact of the ever-evolving “Guidance Note 47” on the Australian mergers and acquisitions tax landscape.