Glenn Cooper

Glenn Cooper

Australian Taxation Office

Glenn has extensive experience working closely with the tax profession with the Australian Taxation Office. He is currently the acting Assistant Commissioner in the Private Wealth business line with responsibilities for engagement and assurance teams in Victoria and Tasmania. Glenn has been the strategy lead for the Next 5,000 Tax Performance Program and the Temporary Full Expensing Project Lead Director for the ATO. He has also had responsibilities for the implementation of the JobKeeper stimulus measure for Private Groups. Glenn has degrees in Commerce, Accounting and Tax and has held ATO leadership positions in risk and strategy, client engagement, and advice. Glenn has over 15 years within the Private Groups / High Wealth market from both an engagement and dispute resolution perspective.

All Sessions by Glenn Cooper

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Session 23.2: The rise of tax governance in the world of ATO Justified Trust engagements

Corporate Stream

The Commissioner is unapologetically raising future expectations of tax governance levels for all corporate taxpayers. This panel will discuss the ATO’s approach to reviewing governance across assurance programs such as the Top 100 justified trust program, where the concept of justified trust is applied to obtain assurance that taxpayers are paying an appropriate amount of tax and to identify areas of tax risk for further action.

Topics for discussion include:

  • What do governance reviews within these programs mean for you?
  • How to prepare for review and ensure justified trust
  • Recent guidance on governance and
  • What to do if taxpayers cannot achieve justified trust.