“Even though we haven’t got certainty and there’s pressure for tax practitioners to be across a global spectrum of topics, there are tools and resources now available to give the guidance they need,” she explains. “They can easily access a broader network of data.

 “To maintain proficiency, practitioners should also keep up with the news, attend CPD events, read professional journals, meet with colleagues, broaden their engagement within their network and ensure they are staying abreast of the movement that’s going on around those issues.”

Don’t battle it out on your own

According to Marg, many tax practitioners, especially those who are battling it in the frontline across suburbs and remote locations, can feel quite isolated and that they are ‘practicing in the dark.’ But going to events such as The Tax Summit can make you feel like you’re not alone to face each challenge, and it presents an opportunity to solve common problems together.

“The Tax Summit provides a great opportunity to mingle with people who are going through the same experiences together,” she says. “It’s a space for tax professionals to rekindle their purpose and connect with individuals as part of a larger community.”

 “There’s nothing better than meeting with someone else who’s in the same space as you are and sharing the same challenges at an event like The Tax Summit. You feel like you’re part of a big community rather than just someone who’s sitting in his desk or her desk battling it out on their own,” she says.